Direct To Garment

Is direct to garment the same as sublimation?

Direct to garment printers are specially built inkjet printers for traditional cotton and blend t-shirts. They use an eco-friendly water-based ink that is jetted directly on the surface of the shirt.


Advantages of Direct to Garment

Direct to garment offers a large number of advantages over other traditional printing methods.

  •  Large range of colour options
  • Can be used for detailed and broad designs
  • Extremely fast process
  • Available for both mass production and short production runs
  • Low setup costs make it easy to access
  • Works on coloured garments as well
  • Accurate reproduction and high-quality results
  • Water-based, making it eco-friendly


Disadvantages of Direct to Garment

  •  Limited to cotton garments
  • Limited to white garments
  • Not cost-effective for mass production
  • Can be a little slower than other methods
  • Limited design placement